Course Descriptions

The WRCTC delivers relevant, operational-level training to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and community-based organizations in support of national priorities, and serves as a force multiplier in the global narcotics threat and transnational organized crime reduction efforts.

What We offer:

Mission Planning

Course Description: This course applies military mission planning techniques to law enforcement operations, and is individually tailored in order to help create planning solutions specific to a law enforcement organization’s needs. This course also provides military planning tools and practical guidance that will help students become organized decision managers and mission leaders. The course introduces general frameworks to help students plan any mission and lead their teams/organizations to success. Upon course completion, the students will be able to develop Contingency Plans (SOPs), Leading Procedures (TLPs), Tactical Decision Making Process (TDMP), Mission Plans (OPORDs), Risk Management, and Post Mission Analysis (PMA). This course is designed to be highly experiential, hands-on, and specific class content will be shaped to be suitable for your organization’s needs.
Prerequisites: None
Course Length: 4 days / 32 hours
Who May Attend: Law Enforcement and Military