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The WRCTC delivers relevant, operational-level training to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and community-based organizations in support of national priorities, and serves as a force multiplier in the global narcotics threat and transnational organized crime reduction efforts.

What We offer:

Undercover Techniques and Survival for Narcotic Officers

Undercover Techniques and Survival for Narcotic Officers

Registration is restricted to US military and sworn law enforcement personnel.

Tuition and Fees
There is no cost to attend this training.

Course Description
Undercover Techniques and Survival for Narcotics Officers is designed for law enforcement officers who are beginning to work undercover in narcotics operations or have worked undercover for some time. The basic portion of the course will be essential for newer undercover officers and definitely provide veterans with a solid reminder of important principles of working undercover. The course will move into advanced undercover techniques and audio/video surveillance techniques which are rapidly changing with the introduction of new technology. The "survival" portion of the classroom instruction will definitely impact all undercover officers and assist them in keeping themselves safe while working in undercover operations.

Officers who participate in covert operations are not born with the talents needed to perform effectively and safely in undercover situations. These talents are developed from experience, hard work and training. This program will provide officers with the techniques and survival tactics necessary to develop or compliment their present undercover experience. Many times this can make the difference between success or failure and safety or injury.

Topics Included

  • Covert operations
  • Informants
  • Preparation of the undercover officer
  • Undercover background and role
  • Approaches to the violator
  • Undercover survival techniques
  • Force on force techniques
  • Audio/video electronic surveillance equipment and techniques
  • Planning undercover operations
  • Special undercover techniques
  • Legal aspects and testifying in court
  • Post incident procedures
  • Psychological effects of undercover operations

Course Length
Undercover Techniques and Survival for Narcotic Officers is a 5 day (40 hour) course.

There are no prerequisites for attending this course