Directions to Parking Area and WRCTC Classroom

Camp Murray is no longer accessible from Ft. Lewis North.  Please refer to directions to the Camp Murray Main Gate (Located Below)
Due to construction on Exits 122 and 123, it is advised to arrive earlier as traffic is highly congested during regular business hours.

Driving Directions to Camp Murray Main Gate
  1. If traveling on Interstate 5 N, take Exit 122 (Berkeley Avenue SW).
  2. At the light, turn Left/Westbound onto Berkeley Avenue SW.  Continue on Berkeley Ave to the 3-way stop.  If you approach the Madigan Gate to JBLM, you are heading in the wrong direction.
  3. At the stop sign, turn Left/Southbound onto Portland Avenue SW.
  4. Proceed straight through the traffic roundabout and enter the Camp Murray Main Gate.

  1. If traveling on Interstate 5 S, take Exit 123 (N Thorne Ln SW).
  2. At the light, turn Right/Westbound onto N Thorne LN SW.  Continue straight on N Thorne LN SW (the road will merge into Portland Ave SW) to the 3-way stop sign.
  3. At the stop sign, proceed straight through the stop sign and roundabout and enter the Camp Murray Main Gate.

Questions? Lost? Call 1-877-311-2699 or 253-512-8893

Address of Parking Lot: 51 Sargent Major Drive, Camp Murray, WA

Driving Directions from Main Gate of Camp Murray to Parking Area
  1. Once inside the gate, take the first right onto Armor Drive
  2. Take a sharp left onto Quartermaster Road
  3. Continue on  Quartermaster Road straight through the four way stop which continues onto Field Artillery Trail
  4. Continue slight right onto 41st Division Way
  5. First right onto Sargent Major Drive
  6. To the left is a large parking area behind Building 51

Address of Classroom: 104 Defense Lane, Camp Murray, WA

Walking Directions from Parking Area to WRCTC Classroom
  1. From the parking area, walk north to a staircase leading uphill
  2. Once at the top of the stairs, continue straight
  3. WRCTC school house entrance will be slightly off to the left
  4. Once inside the building, WRCTC classroom is first door to the left